Teardrops not collecting

Just going thru all my turns and im at 2950 teardrops. I havent hit the daily cap but none of my drops are collecting agter my turns.

Hey there! When was the last time you recall that your tears have been collected?
After a match, could you provide a screenshot of the rewards screen when they are distributed?

Thank you for the fast response! It started last night (wednesday) at about 10pm. I had 2950 teardrops and I’ll send the screenshot of right now after I just took 2 turns turn and still have the 2950

The accumulated points will be distributed at the end of the match.
When the match completes do you see any of the other rewards?

Also, it’s no worries at all! Happy to help!

When it says ‘_ points accumulated’ it doesnt go to my count. I get the teardrops after the match but not the ones between turns. It gives me the purple but not the teardrops.

you only get tears when match ended 300 given if you win and if you lost you got your accumulated tear (max is 240 I think)

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As Fever mentioned you will receive the tears payout once the match has concluded in either a victory or a loss.