Random question about pairing bonuses

How come Jackalope king, blue speedola, and Jill rare yet the rest aren’t? Rares take forever to get so there common (or in The jackalopes case uncommon) counterparts are useless

I think what they wanted from these is that the pairing bonus itself should be kinda hard to get, but it wouldnt make sense if both of the counterparts are hard to get, cuz you would need to work twice as hard (or quadrupla as hard for jackalopes), so they made it that one part is hard to get, but the other is an easy filler

Actually that makes sense. it also felt rewarding when I got jackalope king finally being able to put the mopsy and flopsy (and eventually cottentale when I get them), but red and blue speedola have been my bane of existence lately and been seeing them a lot