Why the game never give new rare phobies?

Why i got the same unit every single time that exists a change to get a new one. It’s stupid be stuck in the collection and progress because you have over 300 pieces of a useless card. A little amount of XP doesn’t compensate that huge problem.

Your only not lucky enough ^^
I think not every Rare Card ist quite good. Upgrade your existing ones for better Outcome :ok_hand:

Yesterday i spent 9k tears to get elecricat. I started playing a month ago i spent over 25k tears and i have 7 new phobies 3 common, 3 uncommon and 1 rare. Lets dont talk about ultra rare. So yeah Orfe is right odds are extremely low. After all more phobies more options.

I Wondering why Rare schould be better? My BEst Phobies are Baby Snakey and BooFairy :smiley: GinsTing from LEveling

it all depends on your luck.

If you haven’t been lucky enough to get new phobies yet, you can only upgrade the ones you already have, thus making them stronger.

There are some Rare and Ultrarare phobies that are completely game changers, meaning a huge advantage doesnt matter the lvl