Don't add any new phobies just yet!

I’m a new player, i love and enjoy your game so much.
Now i’m at doomsday 1 and have 29/120 phobies.

I think all my phobies are unique and fun, but not for the Moose family. They are to many, you Made 4 same phobies with same ability, stat, rarity and key cost (jackapole king isnt). 2 are fine like TED and JILL, but not for 4. Sadly i pulled 3 of them and i didnt use them except for quest.
I would have rerolled the game if it was not because of my Gonzo Bonzo.

So devs i have 2 suggestion:

  1. before you add another new phobies, please revamp/redesign two 2 uncommon Moose family, make them only 2 like TED and JILL

  2. Make jackapole king 2 keys, it literally has same ability with others, but why did you make it rare if you made it 3 keys? Its to expensive

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