Red Tiles Suggestion

I’d love to see an update to the Red Tile system for your opponents Phobies. I provided a screenshot to help with my thinking.

Looking at the photo the Turret is currently in range of the Sheep after they move to attack. The tile below the Turret isn’t highlighted, from how it was explained to me the Turret is “blocking” the sheep. However if you move the jar to the non highlighted tile the sheep can still attack you. If a new player looked at the sheeps radius and noticed their jar was in range to get attacked, then moved the jar to the non highlighted tile the sheep could still attack them. Yes, they could look at the sheep again after moving the Turret and the tiles would be updated, but if they think the turret is safe, why would they check again?

Possible Solution: One possible solution I can see is adding another color tile to show that a Phobie is blocking another’s path, but still within attack range. Another possibility would be altering the red tiles to account for movement. (Highlighting the tile below the turret).

This hasn’t affected my gameplay since learning the movement of the Phobies but it can be very misconceiving when you first start, eventually not trusting the red tiles to begin with. Maybe I’m just nit picky but this had been driving me nuts since starting, friends have pointed it out to me also so I figured I’d post this here.

Screenshot 2022-04-19 172319