Release Notes 1.6

The Birthday Masquerade will be the first major release of the year, commemorating the one-year anniversary of the terrifying world of Phobies. Players will be welcomed with an array of exciting new features, including the release of limited time events, where players rack up points by completing special assignments to achieve milestones and receive special rewards! The party doesn’t stop there – 8 new Phobies featuring 4 unique abilities will be available for players to unlock, as well as 3 new maps set in an eerie new environment to explore.

Thank you for enjoying Phobies over this past year - we’re delighted to celebrate our birthday with all of you!

Happy battling,

The Phobies Team



  • 8 new Phobies are joining the party! Hunt for these fearsome new faces in Tear Packs:
    • Be careful not to stare too deeply into Dial’s screen or you’ll be become a lazy couch potato, doing less actions than normal.
    • Whuffalo Will ’s persuasive powers can take control of enemy units temporarily, allowing it to do whatever it pleases!
    • Tiny Tim loves to burrow and hide into the depths of the ground - it gives some protection and makes it happy!
    • Ogre will take exception to you damaging its Heart! It will Enrage its damage up to new heights when its Heart is less than/equal to 3000 HP.
    • This frozen treat will give you more than a headache! i-Scream will freeze enemy units still to allow your allies to unleash a massive attack!
    • Keep your ears clean or Wiggy will burrow in there! This 2-key unit packs a punch with a 600-damage attack.
    • Creepy Devil can use its power to disappear! Try to find where it is, or it’ll surprise you with a boosted-up attack.
    • Rockus can’t be pushed, pulled, teleported, or swapped. Save your back and don’t try moving it!


  • Customize your profile with 5 new Portraits, available in Vendy’s store:
    • Don’t touch that Dial - get its portrait instead!
    • We all scream for i-Scream!
    • Break new ground with Rockus!
    • Ogre is all the rage!
    • Where there’s Whuffalo Will, there’s a way!

Vendy’s Birthday Bash

  • We’re celebrating our first birthday, but Vendy has some gifts for YOU.
    • Vendy’s even brought his very festive party hat, just for the occasion.
    • Between Mar. 14th and Mar. 20th, get a special gift from Vendy, just by logging in each day.
    • Gifts are available each day after Midnight UTC, but act fast - gifts will disappear once the new day begins!

Limited Time Events

  • Our first event is COMING SOON.
    • Find active events in the Quests screen in their own dedicated tab.
    • While an event is active, players can earn Event Points by completing special assignments while playing the game.
    • Rack up enough Event Points and you’ll meet a Milestone, where you’ll earn Event Rewards!
    • The higher the Milestone, the greater the rewards you’ll receive - can you reach the highest goal before the Event ends?


  • In the chilly void of space lies our eerie new map location…
  • Plot new strategies as you do battle on 3 new maps:
    • The Pyro Abyss
    • Mazeophob
    • Naughts and Crosses

Bug Fixes:


  • Vendy is back!
  • Fixed an issue that caused text not to appear in the Frenemies Arena invite on the home screen.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the “ready” state not to appear for players/spectators during Frenemies Arena games.


  • Fixed an issue that caused invisible units not to play their correct animations while disappearing.


  • Fixed an issue that prevented Lippy’s Quest progress from resetting on Quest refresh once completed.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented Quest progress for Quests requiring that the player kill Undead Phobies or Phobies; if a Phobie that could resurrect was killed on top of an object, the progress would not count.


  • Fixed an issue that could grant players seasonal rewards more than once.


  • Fixed assorted uncommon issues that could cause game crashes and desyncs.