Release Notes 1.7

Get ready to turn up the heat and dive into our biggest Phobies release yet, ‘Under Pressure’! Starting on June 27th, Phobies Wranglers will be welcomed by 10 fearsome new Phobies to collect which come with 6 never-before-seen abilities, adding countless new ways to outsmart your opponents.

If that wasn’t thrilling enough, all-new poisonous and disease-ridden map tiles are added to the world, as well as an all-new enhanced Limited Time Events feature that promises to keep your summer sizzling with excitement.



10 new Phobies have arrived to heat up the battle, in our largest new Phobie drop to-date. These new monsters feature 6 all-new Abilities and some interesting combos of existing ones:

  • Bogart has an explosive personality that really… sticks with you! This terrible toad can use its Ability to place sticky bombs on opponents. These bombs will detonate for AOE damage at the end of the following turn.
  • For a limited time, Bogart will exclusively be available in the Bogart’s Bombastic Bundle special offer.
  • Players will be able to acquire this new Phobie in card packs once the offer expires.
  • Radihater will get your opponents steamed! He’ll build up his AOE attack over the course of two turns, and you don’t want to be nearby when he goes off.
  • Furnaceface is a flame-spitting juggernaut that can use his Ability to generate a smokescreen, reducing damage taken by all Phobies - friendly or otherwise - hidden in the cloud.
  • Lila lays Disease-causing traps - watch your step!
  • Don’t burst Blue! This pesky balloon will pop if it’s attacked or it finishes the turn next to an enemy, dealing an attack debuff.
  • Low-key electric counters are the name of the game with Bloat. Stick this monster in a pack of Mechanicals and use its AOE Ability to watch the sparks fly.
  • Tick is one sick Phobie - and if you don’t want YOUR Phobies to be sick, stay away from its ranged disease attack.
  • Cupcake may look sweet, but your opponents won’t be smiling when she sacrifices herself to heal and buff the damage of her teammates.
  • Sssizzzle is a flame snake that’ll slash and burn your opponents.
  • Slayerrrrrr is a heavy metal kitty that really rocks! Slow-moving but tough, this robotic cat is a great fit for maps with Tainted or Infected Ground.

Limited-Time Events

Limited-Time Events have been updated! Players can still earn Event Points by completing tasks, but the feature has been dramatically expanded.

  • Active Events now have their own menu flow, directly from the home screen.
  • Players can now obtain an Event VIP Pass and earn a separate VIP track of rewards as they participate in Events.
  • Players with an active Event VIP Pass will have access to a VIP-exclusive task to earn additional Event Points.
  • Players with an active Event VIP Pass will also earn Event Tickets.
  • Event Tickets accumulate over the course of the Event and increase your changes of getting higher-quality Grand Prizes when the Event finishes.


Two new maps will enter the map rotation! These new maps introduce two new tile types, Tainted Ground and Infected Ground. Any Phobies that end their turn standing on one of these tiles will be inflicted with Poison and Disease debuffs, respectively.

  • Dodge Disease tiles as you take on Locker Room Funk.
  • Perilous Poison patches await you on Diabolical.

Bug Fixes:


  • Fixed a visual issue that caused Tiny Tim to appear as if he was staying underground if a player skipped a turn replay in async.
  • Fixed an issues that could cause the game to soft lock if Glob, an invisible Phobie and a third Phobie all occupied the same tile simultaneously.


  • Fixed an issue with multi-level card upgrading that could cause a potential crash if the player didn’t have enough XP to afford the upgrade.
  • Addressed various causes of potential game crashes and desyncs.
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