Reload an old game

Since the last update it doesn’t allow me to watch finished games again. The “load” screen appears and then this flag appears. I play from an iPad 9th generation, iOS 17.02 system. my ingame name is Leviatano. Can you hall me to solve it? Thanks!


If the matches are on a previous version, you would no longer be able to view them.
How old were the videos that you tried to watch?

The version is the 1.8.2062


I am aware that I can’t see the ones before the update (as always, broken lock) but the new ones should be visible. It has never given me any problems after the updates, this is the first time.

Have you tried to see if they are viewable on another device?
Is it specific to the one video or all videos?

Yes, all of them don’t even work on the iPhone (screen).
At first they didn’t work on the iPhone but on the iPad yes, while now they can’t even be seen from the iPad since the last update (as mentioned before) :frowning:

No worries at all. Could you please email with your log files when you go to view a video? I can get this submitted to the team for review.

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We will also need the following information
Your in-game name:
Device(s) you are trying to view the videos on:
Phobies Version: