Unable to log into old account

I tried emailing the support email address given on another thread, but never got a response. What’s the best email for assistance?

Hey dial! Could you create a ticket over at discord.gg/phobiesgame under #request-support

We may have missed your email and apologize for that! Discord is our live-chat option and we should be able to resolve this a lot quicker than back forth emails!

For recovering your account, we will need this information once you’ve created a ticket or you can try emailing again:

-In-Game Name:

-Account Creation Date:

-Date last accessed account:

-Receipt or any proof of purchase, if any:

-Last Phobie Acquired:

-Frenemy’s IGN (Any of your Frenemy’s Usernames, if you have any, or just mention type “None” if you don’t have any Frenemy in the game)

P.S: Even an estimate or rough guess would help your case, answer accordingly.