Stress Level Phobies

Hello! I have an idea for the fundamentals of stress levels (SL). I will put a lot of information in this post; you can skip some of it easily (there’s a TL;DR at the bottom). Let’s get into it.

How to increase SL

Here’s what we know. When you upgrade a phobie, you get SL points equal to the level you upgraded it to. This is a very good mechanic (due to the xp cost increasing as well). However, the cost of SL points to level up your current SL is too much. This makes it so most players won’t get very high SL and will not unlock certain desired phobies. This is a problem.

Certain SL phobies are crucial to gameplay and it is very good that they are included as SL unlocks.
Some examples are below.

Razor Mouth

This is a perfect phobie for everyone to get. Arguably the most important 1 key, this phobie is very well balanced. With enough health to not be one-shotted, decent damage (better than cowbell), and 2 move speed, this scout phobie is best used for taking panic points early on and is fundamental to the game.


Similar to razor mouth, this phobie is incredibly well balanced. Good damage and survivability, good range and speed, and an AoE attack with increased damage. Very manueverable and useful in any situation. If you’re already winning, Ginsting is fast enough to be the final sting in the coffin.


Extremely important as one of if not the best healer in the game. Great for keeping other phobies alive and unpoisoned, acts as an emergency first aid kit at the back of your army. Well balanced and crucial. I have nothing else to add.

Miss Moffat

This phobie is, arguably, OP. Kinda squishy, but incredibly dangerous. High poison to counter dimensional and undead, and a (this is important) PULL attack. These attacks make enemies hyper-aware of all abysses- and, frankly, they have to be. None of your phobies want to sit by this spider.


Oh, so good. Anyone who’s ever seen or played a game with someone who has this knows- snowball is IMPORTANT. The biggest part is 3 speed. Great for grabbing quick panic points, but is also a welcome asset with firepower. A 1-range fire attack is dangerous for just three keys. A game-changer; everyone wants this phobie.

The other phobies are certainly important, but those are the ones I wanted to talk about. A good scout, a strong (yet balanced) ranged unit, a healer, a pull attack/high poison attack, and a 3-speed card. Everyone wants at least one of these phobies, which is why they can all be unlocked by any player through SL. My suggestion is to remove less crucial phobies from SL and keep the phobies everyone should get. Add cassowary to SL; anyone who doesn’t have him is at a disadvantage. Also add a new phobie which nullifies tiles like honey bear or charon but is cheap. Add that to SL. What I’m trying to say is everyone should have access to the phobies that pose new mechanics (such as pulling or charging) to the game.

My second suggestion is to decrease the cost. Most players don’t even get a very high SL, so those who do get an unfair advantage (cough cough Hopeloy). I would suggest lowering SL max to 100 and only having important phobies, as well as making leveling up SL much faster. It should be realistic for people to get to lvl 100 after a year or two of playing the game.

That’s my speech. Thank you for everyone who listened. Upvote this if you agree; developers, please consider.

TL;DR-Only put phobies with important mechanics like pulling, healing, or charging in SL. Also, make it realistic to reach a high SL.


I completely agree.
Stress levels take to long to increase, and adding important phobies to it is a great way to make games much fairer in general.


Sounds amazing! But I’m confused on where the two new phobies would be, the SL’s would become off balanced. Ex: say your lvl 40 and just got Snowball, If you switched that to a different phobie, the would Lose Snowball and get that instead. Im just sayinf yk :).

Nice idea! I agree mostly in the part of how complicated is level up SL.