Stress level unlocks

lvl 1 - Razor mouth
lvl 10- ginsting
lvl 20 clinico
lvl 30 miss moffet
lvl 40 snowball
lvl 50
lvl 60 mechanical baby
lvl 70
lvl 80
lvl 90
can anyone fill it up

Level 50 : Fowl

Level 70 : Yeti

Level 80 : The Glob

Level 90 : Akira

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I have seen the fowl and glob ( 4 key ultra rare ) but never saw any others in matches , even of highest lvl players.

I own up to Yeti and I’ve seen/played against both Glob and Akira when I played against Vladjimir. Yeti and up are pretty rare though. out of 800 matches I’ve had so far. I’ve only seen a tiny handful with those units.