Thoughts on Mildred

I just purchased my 3rd dreadful pack after saving up for about 3 months. I was happy that I even got a new UR phobie but I’m not sure about the usefulness of Mildred. Haven’t seen her much in matches so I don’t know it’s because most don’t even have her or because those that do don’t find her worth the 8 keys and low mobility. Would love to hear some feedback. Thanks :smile:

I don’t own Mildred, but i’ve seen it in battle, so i can give some advice.
It’s usually used as a long range cannon. With its devastating almost 1000 damage attack, it can seriously do some damage. Some players put it in the gap between the obstacles on the fornacified map to act as a artillery, and it’s a good strategy. It’s hp is enough to stand a couple of attacks. You need to find a point on the map, ideally behind obstacles, and beat the daylights out of anyone that comes close. In short, it can be used as a panic point holder.

I was recently able to use Mildred on a large map and it absolutely decimated the entire team of my opponent. I was able to get it on a stem pad by the 10th move and they surrendered on move 18. Took out Beauty and quagmire as well as stabby and clinico with 2 shots. It heals so much that whatever damage it took, it heals back. I think it will do when more on a small map but the cost will be comparatively higher so I’ll find out how it goes.

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I don’t know much about Mildred but he is terrifying with gonzo bonzo or stritch

I would imagine so. The stem pad really sent it over the top