throw the opponent's connection

hello I love your game, but in the games opponents knock down they can knock down your connection just at the moment they are going to lose, it has already happened to me twice and I know that it is not my connection since I can continue playing as I normally would, and I play other games like wild rift at 36 ms, this already happened to me twice, but I only took a screenshot of the second time it happened to me since it happened in the same way, just when the “victory” should come out instead of that it comes out message, I know it’s a lot of text but I would appreciate it if you would review it


Hey there DieguitoCV, sorry to hear about the trouble! We’re happy to hear that you are enjoying the game!
You’ve mentioned that this has happened to you twice? Did both of these issues trigger as they were about to lose their match? Have other matches concluded successfully with no trouble?

my name in the game is DieguitoCV

the model I’m playing with is a moto g(7) power

the operating system is android and the android version is 10

what happened to me in both games was that in the “arena” game mode, it’s when I already had the game won, my rival made senseless moves in his last turns, then when he already destroyed the heart, it took a moment and I got the connection error screen, and the loading screen bat stayed but it no longer loaded even though I had a connection, the first time it happened I thought maybe I was the one with the problem, but twice already and in the same way it’s weird, apart from the fact that I could continue playing once I closed and restarted the application

I only took a screenshot of the second time it happened to me

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Thank you for your patience! I’m reaching out to our team to see what can be done and I’ll update the thread once / if we need to collect more info!
Sorry for the inconvenience that you’ve experienced. I’ll let our team know about this issue!

[ UPDATE ] - Thank you for reporting this issue! As mentioned above, I reached out to our team and the team is aware and investigating this issue.
Apologies for the inconveniences caused, we’re looking to get a fix out soon!