Top ladder bullies think they are good with high level cards

Wish Atrend, Alieneneneer, or any of the top ladder would face me in a 1v1. They ass at the game and literally are only there cause they have high level cards. Wrecked atrend in a match (I had a level 11 bear) this guys brings out level 13s and 14s . He barely won last second cause his murder wing has to get 3 tapped by me. Send the level 1 invite you “top ladder players”
Can’t wait for you to use snowball first play and get scorched.

All I know is when people got max cards these jokes that only play snowball and stabby gunna get mopped

This guy :rofl:
There at too ladder for a reason, some of those people are like stress level 70 so they are not all about there levels

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why not mention hopeloy lol
also 11 to 14 ain’t that big level difference

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I play high ladder people I’m 40th in arena which isn’t that good but I definitely play people with all the smoke…

Oh hopeloy???
Don’t even get me started…… LEVEL 23 stabby and snowball :rofl:
What is the point, Or even playing When stabby 1 shotting 1-keys, with 611 damage

Wonder what these guys would do if they nerfed them lol