The proposal for a new phobie

Hello, I’ve come up with an idea for a new character for the game, and I really hope it can be considered and added to the game. So, the phobia would be of the specter type, with around 2300 health or maybe slightly less, 400 attack points, 1 tile movement, and 2 tiles of range for its main attack at level 1. Additionally, this phobia would have a passive attack where when attacked, it retaliates by launching thorns at the heart of the enemy. I even have a design idea for this character. So, if any developer or anyone else is interested, I could possibly send you the character concept drawing.

sorry if it is in french, the paper it’s just the design of the phobie

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if someone want to support me i’ll appreciate it

Also i forgot the number of keys, i think this can be 5 or maybe 6 keys

Good idea, I love the concept

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Thank you bro i appreciate it

This is really good, It’s like a variant of Stabby.

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Yes it’s linda like that,but i think Is a passive dev must add in the game,cause WE have one who heal de Heart, and ones who does more damages to Heart , i think it woukd be cool to add this passive too