Umm @NekoRei

What’s up with that meeting you were creating the report for?

Hey @Klepto I already presented the feedback and suggestions to our team.

Just fyi, not all feedback and suggestions will be make the cut because the team will still have to see if those are feasible to the game or not. A lot of things need to be contemplated on, studied and tested out carefully before certain feedback and suggestions can be considered.

Also, take note that if ever some things are considered, the changes do not happen overnight or in a few days. Some need to be worked on by the devs first, therefore, most of the changes will be released in future patches. For example, in the upcoming release, previous community concerns were addressed in that patch.

We value community feedback and suggestions, and I guarantee we do listen to our community, but please be patient. Patience is key.

I am being patient which is why I’m still here.

Thank you for the update also.

I found out that a lot of the concerns mentioned by the community will be addressed most likely in the 2 releases coming after 1.3 (which is going to be launched in a few days or so).

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Any sneak peek of the upcoming update Neko Sama?

I was about to quit the game till I read this post. I’ll wait for the updates to drop before I play again.

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Well, I did post a teaser a few days ago in our social media platforms and yesterday here in the forum. :slight_smile:

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1.3 patch stills the same game, a lot of ideas posted here just wasted. Bugfix patch and 2 new phobies.


I had spent a few hundred dollars on packs lol but just this evening deleted the app. It’s a shame that the community feedback wasn’t seriously acknowledged. I’ll be interested enough to continue reading these forums… but I’m not sure if the game itself is a platform I want to be spending time on right now

The game is freshly started, we cannot expect them to do a massive change up on everything, we have to be patient, but i get what you mean, hope we get to see you back!