Wendigo Phobie Idea Concept Art!

This is my fanmade Phobie concept art! Its a Wendigo! Based on north american tribe folk lore, the wendigo is a beast that symbolizes greed, hunger, and cannibalism. It can move more than 108/km an hour according to folklore which is why it has 3 movement and a 3 range charge ability. And can’t die unless its heart (which is frozen in ice) is burnt with fire (lets just say stepping on it works too) which i why it has resurrection. Though the resurrection is a bonus and might push it over the edge in balance. Hope you like it!


I love this idea, but what’s his life and how many keys does he cost?

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I am not actually sure myself, it’s up to imagination. Though what do you think the health, and key costs should be?

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Incredible art btw! I think it could be 6 keys and 1800
Health maybe :thinking: (that’s only my opinion maybe it could be higher or lower but that’s what I think)

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this looks so official

7 cost unit
1800 health
450 damage
every enemy killed with its special gives 100 base attack