What are your rare found Phobies? Share them here!

Not that lucky when I’m opening card packs but mine would be Octo Naughty and the Terrordactyl. Though I am still not familiar on how to use them HAHA!

What are your treasured/rare Phobies you found? I would like to know them :slightly_smiling_face:

I got my Plague Dragon, Noxious. 10/10, love this phobie!
He can do a lot of poison damage if the enemy gathers their phobies and has the ability to fly.

just like terra, i also got noxious its a very good card, might even be considered Op

Personally, I feel like he is only strong if the enemy team gathers together. he wastes a lot of time trying to stay alive, and his damage is fine.
I would call Staremaster equal to him due to their general usability.

if not for the key price, I would say Alley Gator is op. his auto heal and movement make him wonderful.

Got this dude yesterday from a 300 bean booster pack.


Yeah, I believe I encountered this one. A flying Sheeping Gas :laughing:

I got Eratic and Baba Yaga.

My 9 keys monster, is super rare, I haven’t seen anyone play him yet.


Also my Fire Ant and the robot next to him must also be super rare because, so far I haven’t seen anyone play them yet either.
I just love this game and I love collecting new phobies and personally, I couldn’t pick just one phobie that I love. I hope that a year from now I can have all the phobies in the game!

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Flexing time


I played someone today that had a heavo 3.0, and that card is cool! Definitely a good phobie to have!


La mía es una plata creo que es ultra rara y slammer head es mi más apreciado es hermoso

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Slammer Head’s rarity is common, not ultra rare.

I got gonzoBonzo, dr. Dermic, miss moffet, heavo 2.0, rambolina , hemantic ginsting, and obviously eratic. Out of which i mostly never use dr. Dermic


heave 2.0 is really fun to use, he give more variable into the game


Been playing phobies for months now and this is the best i can do at the moment :sob:

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I got Scritch yesterday!

I think Gonzo Bonzo is better, but Scritch is so fun to play.

Also got wolfie boy and Brony

I do like motherload,fleshcrawler and gonzo bonzo combo,i didn’t try it yet so im looking forward to make the combo