What did you get out of your first dreadful?

Maybe you got shit like suckassin and leshy or got amazing phobies like chuck or cupcake

Smother mother, no extras… sadly

Even with no extra its one of the best UR so its not bad. Heck i would still want one good UR with no extras than getting suckassin and other bad phobies

my first UR was heartbreaker, heartbreaker is really weird. theres some maps where its a complete menace, and other maps where its really bad.
second UR i got from a dreadful i opened at the same time was pre-nerf bluelien which was insane.

smother mother is weird, cause its kinda the worst 9 key, not because its that bad but because all the other 9 keys are really really good. heavo 3.0 and akira are downright broken. chuck is very strong, frosty is insanely strong. compared to that list smother mother is just solid.

Hmm if i remembered it, i got Blast O matic

I got the collector, ray chargels, and numbskull. Plus some murder wing upgrade cards

Ehhhh idk, id say the least powerful 9 keys are between smother mother and frosty,
Dont get me wrong, frostys line freeze is incredibly strong, but hes the weakest 9 key hp wise AND hes mech, a sparky can easily bring fear in him, and sure, if you werent careful, abt 2 or 3 phobies might get iced on average id guess, snowball might not get the job done, but i have barzilla to make stuff a looooot easier for me

my first UR Sokasin, but from dreadful pack i got a Brony

Nice you got one that is op and one that is lets say the least not that great of a phobie

But its a one key

I agree, I was upset at first when I received it Brony, but after a while I realized that he is one of my favorite phobias

the power of frosty comes thanks to movement displacers stuff like le shovell, fantome or akira can essentially force a triple hit, and if you can set up barzila, snowball, whatever fire phobies they have to be caught in the blast frosty can be a straight up game winner

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i just got frosty and smother mother recently (i am very lucky), and im currently experimenting with fancy frosty combo setups and theyve been very successful so far. ive been experimenting with smother mother too and shes doing ok and better than i thought she would but shes not quite got as much potential output than the rest and instead relies on the flexibility of being a melee heavy hitter and a long ranged tanky puller depending on what is needed.

It’s a long time ago by now, but my first one was Leshy (which obviously sucks), then I got Morty, Mildred and Grimes after that which are a bit more exciting, but not incredible either.
Luckily I had very good luck with my rare’s early on so it didn’t really hurt my gameplay and eventually I found some of the better UR’s too… :smiley:

Pretty good kinda balanced because grimes and mildred are awesome but then on the other hand morty and leshy are bad, morty is better but still mid

Mildred and Grimes are cool concepts, but overall pretty meh power-level wise (not terrible, but also not great) :sweat_smile:

Pretty much but still better than morty or leshy which suck.

But morty still can work for trolling which is nice but leshy is dog water

Boss was mine first, no extras

God damn i don’t even care if i didn’t get any extras thats good