What if #3 the bakers family (some spoilers to re biohazard)

My posting will be random (some days will have a couple post and some days will have none) due to sometimes and sometimes I don’t have ideas

This one will be long since I’m doing all three (plus Eveline and the molded) at the same time (I’m not counting dlcs, only the base game)

  1. Jake baker:
    Race: monster
    Keys: 7
    Health: 2000 (first stage)
    Movement: 2 ground
    Attack: 1 line of sight (uses shovel)
    Damage: 550 disease: 100

Range: 2 line of sight
Cooldown: 2
Will take out his shear chainsaw thing and lunges at the nearest phobie (you don’t pick) doing 750 damage.

Passive ability: undying mold
Goes into second stage when health gets to 0
Second stage:
movement: 1 ground.
Health: 1500
Attack: 1 line of sight.
Damage: 750 disease: 300
Loses: DON’T LOSE YOUR HEAD! ability.

Passive ability: never dying
Goes into final stage
Final stage:
Movement: 1 ground
Health: 5 turns
Attack: 1000 disease: 750

Passive ability: explosive end
After 5 turns will explode and give all phobies (including yours and excluding mechanical) on screen disease 1500

How to counter: make him dies to fire, lava, poison, disease, and falling into the abyss will not activate second or final stage when health reaches zero.

  1. Marguerite baker
    Race: monster
    Keys: 6
    Health: 1000
    Attack: doesn’t attack
    Movement: 2 ground

Passive ability: bug swarm:
When hurt creates a bug swarm next turn that increase damage each hit she takes
Bug swarm:
Race: monster
Health: 200
Movement: 3
Damage: 100+
Attack: acts very similar to the glob except that the enemy can get out.

Passive ability: mutation
Goes into final stage when health reaches 0
Final stage:
Health: 2000
Movement: 3 burrowing
Attack: 1 line of sight
Damage: 250

Passive ability: bug nightmare
Creates a 100 damage bug swarm each turn

Ability: spider like:
Cooldown: 2
Range: 3
Lunges at an enemy phobie and deals 250 damage and 200 poison that lasts for 5 turns

How to counter: hurt and kill her by different means (lava, fire, poison, etc) it will not activate bug swarm and mutation ability.

  1. Lucas baker:
    Race: monster
    Keys: 4
    Health: 500
    Movement: 2 ground.
    Attack: 2 lob (he use bombs)
    Damage: 500, 25% AOE

Ability: trip wire:
Damage: 500
Cooldown: 0
Traps that can be seen by the enemy BUT instead of it activating and the end of a turn, it activates when a phobie walks over it exploding and stoping the phobie
Can only be place in between two walls and edges of map
Can have up to three and place three in one turn but cannot place more until all of them were detonated or destroyed

How to counter: tickles can deactivate the trip wires. Doom doom is useless against Lucas.

Don’t worry almost done.

4: eveline (old lady ver)
Type: monster:
Keys: 9
Health: 250
Movement: 2 ground
Attack: doesn’t attack

Passive ability: bio weapons:
After two turns or health reaches zero will go into final stage.
Final stage:
Health: 4500
Movement: 1 flying (can only move every other turn)
Attack: similar to the glob
Damage: instant

How to counter: it is inevitable that she turns into her final stage But she is extremely slow and easily avoidable if strategy is done right, its best to use phobies that can attack from afar and ones that move quickly.

5: the molded:
Race: undead
Keys: 3
2 ground (for normal)
1 ground (for heavy)
3 ground (for crawler)
Health: 1000
Attack: 1 line of sight (for normal and crawler)
1 AOE (for heavy)
250 (for normal)
750 (for heavy)
100 (for crawler)

Passive ability (for all): will randomly turn into either: normal, heavy, or crawler

Ability: lunge (for crawler):
Range: 3
Will lunge at the nearest phobie (you don’t choose)

Ability: infection (for normal)
Range: 1
Gives a non-mechanical disease 250

Ability: heavy slam (for heavy)
Range: 1
Does 1000 damage to a phobie.

Cooldown (for all): 2 (even when switching)

How to counter: make sure to get rid of it as fast as you can since it’s an undead and it’s unpredictable when it changes.

That all sorry that this is long (criticism is wanted)