What is the phobie that has made you lose entire games just by appearing?

I’ll Start

It’s also because I love using a lot of zombies in the game. :neutral_face:

Dr. Dermic, For some reason I always lose once they come on the board

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Puff, Boss, and maybe Staremaster

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He fired me (literally)…

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big comeback of a phobie

If I see my opponent play Boss, Fire Ant, or Heavo3.0 and I don’t already have an advantage, I can safely say that fight is a loss.


Hey it’s true… heavo 3.0 is a pain in your game…

None. Explanation. Needed. (Hate it with a passion)

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Yes I know what you mean fella…

No ability lock when placed, bypassing movement, and ranged healing

I had a lot of losses when I played with Cerberus!

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What you mean by that

Well… I love cerberus, but is understandable, he’s a bit slow LMAO

This is just how I think this phobies op. It can get to low health phobies fast with its ranged healing spa and ability to pass through walls. Even when first placed in a small map, it can still get to a phobie with a spa since it doesn’t have an ability lock.

That’s the thing! I also love Cerberus! :frowning: But at least I’ve got Fowl which is close second and can at least move further.

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I don´t have Fowl yet : c

You’ll get it once you’re at that stress level. But it packs a heavy punch and moves two tiles (well, four in total). I love it!

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since it was nerfed, it’s much less good

Fowl is just, plain Fowl

:DDDDDDDDD, well… almost…
(New hatred arising from the deepest pits of hell and more)