What is your phobia?

Hi Phobians

I take advantage of this forum, and the game with its original theme, to ask you the question:

What is your phobia?

In my case, my phobia is Ice, having had an accident at my young age, I have a horror of ice, as soon as I see it, I lose my means and I am anxious :sweat_smile:


I fear deep bodies of water, or they call it thalassophobia. Same incident, I almost got drowned when I was still young and started not liking big bodies of water because of that :mask:

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I fear candles, they call it keriphobia I think. No origin, I somehow had it since I was 2 yrs. old

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I have fear of infinite voids, such as space. I am actually interested in space, but going there, the infinite black void? No no no…

I hav fear of the dead and high places, funny enough i love the undead race

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I have Acrophobia, wich is fear of heights, i am tall and whenever i climb stairs or i’m on a rooftop, i get an incredible anxiety and i shiver almost every moment, can’t even stand on a chair without suffering said fear.

I also have entomophobia wich is fear of bugs, i feel unease with them, just a very very few exceptions like, flies, ants, butterflies, etc

I have Escalaphobia, which is the fear of escalators, it appeared when I fell of one and got really hurt when I was young.

I think I fear the ocean, the feeling of being in a huge place and a shark or someting else can attack you… Anytime!

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That’s a quite interesting topic :slight_smile:

In my case its probably agoraphobia, I really dislike crowded places, its a permanent state of anxiety. Got lost twice as a kid in a city, was found 4h /6h later each time :sweat_smile:

sedatephobia the story behind this phobia is traumatizing
and jimpPhobia ofc

Who is not afraid of an insect with 8 eyes and 8 legs, which runs up your leg?

probably thalassophobia.

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Arachnophobia aka spiders and I also have the fear of compressed gasses always think one will pop open and end me

I have extreme fear of cockroaches ( Katsaridaphobia) and I have fear of heights ( Acrophobia ).

I had a dream once. I was standing on a ledge of a very high building, then I saw a window that I can get in so I slowly went towards it. As I attempted to get in the window, I saw cockroach crawl it’s way up towards me from inside the room. Instead of getting crawled on by a cockroach I decided to jump to my death. Suffice to say I am more scared of cockroaches than heights hahaha.