If you are given the chance to design your own phobie

What could be it? Name? Class? special skill if ever? and inspiration where you got it?

I’d like to see creative ideas for their own phobie designs.


Hmm, well as obvious as it is the phobie of my choice would be Cat related. It’ll represent the fear of cats, it’ll also be as pretty as they come. The face would be flawless with pretty big eyes and so on. I’d say the special skill would be the cat opening up its rib cage or even its mouth and shooting other multiple tiny cats that would scratch and go crazy on the enemy. Azrael is what I’d call it.

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Name: Kokova (5 keys)
Race: Undead
Attributes: Decent HP, decent attack. Nothing out of the ordinary. Moves two tiles, attacks one tile.
Description: A monkey phobie representing a fear of monkeys. Depicted as a zombie.
Special Ability: Has the ability to copy the special ability of any ally in a 2 tile radius. The damage dealt by it is only 60% of the original. It retains all other attributes, e.g, poisoning.
Also had an idea about a phobie who has decent HP but noticeably low attack attributes, but has a “passive” ability where every single consecutive attack on the same target deals 2x the previous attack. His special ability grants himself a 3rd turn, which is available every two turns. I think 2 keys would be good.


Zombie Insect : (5 Keys) (Undead)
Attributes : 200-500 HP, Move 3 Tiles, Attack 2 Tiles,
Description : You don’t want to see this alive…
Special Ability: Has no Basic Attack Only Special Attack For 3 Round it gonna be invisible
Special Attack : Has Power to Control Enemy Phobies With Few Requirement, One The HP Need to Be Lower Than The Zombie Insect itself, The Target Race Need to be Undead, won’t work to Machine.
[1] After You control the enemy You can use the Phobies Skill, The HP of the Target is
[Zombie Insect + 1/2 of The Phobies Target]
[2] You can only Control the enemy for 5 Rounds
[-] The invisibility Skill can be Canceled By Doom Doom / Phobies That have Trap Absorber
Got the inspiration from real life Zombie that can control Infect, or some kind of that, The Design maybe like Combine Few Insect and than make them like Has a toxic from Nuclear Radiation
Maybe like a bit Weird and too Overpower well yeah it is, I got Tons idea for New Phobies and this is one of it, [Discord : Zeyyx#1140]


Can’t make up a name for my idea but i’ll guess
i’ll call this phobie Saul so that Soul doesn’t sound weird (atleast for me)

  1. ) 5 keys , (Dimensional)
    Health : 1200
    Attack Damage : 420
    Movement and Attack Range : 2 Tiles
    flying type

Description : this phobie looks like some sort of monster that has bloodlust, I don’t know what it looks like but I guess it’s like a ghost with stars as it’s attack appearance

What this does is that every kill this phobie gets 30% or more max health from the enemy that the phobie killed

Let’s say it’s like undead but the max health increases, something like that.
Not only this phobie pulls enemy because it’s dimensional but it explodes upon death (Area Of Damage)

The special ability is to pull every enemy in a 2 tile radius. It would be so good with Klepto
Let me know what you think

  1. A phobie that presents fear of balloon
    It’s a flying monster balloon with 2 tile range and movement
    The damage is very low like 380 and it’s health is 1200
    It would decrease every enemy’s movement for 2 rounds by 1 tile so like if the enemy can only walk 1 tile it wont move when it uses it’s ability, they become to walk slowly because it popped or something. Also the balloon can’t do anything nor the enemy can’t do anything about the phobie except push/pull the balloon, when the ability is activated for 3 rounds because it’s deflated/broken and would be back to normal after the ability is used.

I like cats too, would be cool to see more of them ingame!

Congrats on your first post! Skill-imitating Phobies would add more challenge to the game! It will also give more plays to execute which I believe would be great

Phobie representing claustrophobia (5 keys)

i dont know i think it is a box shaped phobie
health: decent enough like 1300 or more
attack: 350
race: dimensional
2 tile walking movement, 2 tile attack range

special ability: if killed, it will trap the killer giving it some kind of claustrophobia or smth and damages it every turn it lasts for 2-3 turns and the killer cant be attacked/healed in the process and cannot be boosted by healing tiles (but still maintains panic point)


Invisible phobies is a novel idea, though it would be balanced if it loses its invisibility once it attacks an enemy phobie (if the opponent doesn’t have any counters for it)

Also, welcome to the forums!

So it is like Grimes but instead of increasing damage everytime it kills an enemy phobie, its health increases. Sounds cool! :100:

phobie name; LeTequila (of course lol) ; dimensional, 2 tile special skill forcing a phobie to move to a random tile w 2 turns cd.
2 tile movement
1 tile hit
3 keys.

random comment: i can make you dance

inspiration; some of my friends hate tequila so i guess that counts as a phobia? ahah

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Name: SCP-CR33P (5 Keys)
Race: Undead (duh.)
Attributes: 1k-5k HP, Move 2 Tiles, Attack 3 Tiles (damages more with more tiles used, could be nerfed if too op)
Description: Your worst nightmare, don’t look at the corridor at night or you’ll see this frightening creature.
Special Ability: Rage mode, Can damage 200-800 HP to any surrounding phobie and damages 200-800HP to itself (equal to the damage given to surrounding phobies to make it fair)
Special Attack: Nightmare mode, basically rage mode but way more damage and it risks a chance of any phobie you already have spawned to instantly die (some sacrifices are worth taking)
Design of the phobie:
I have a plain idea of the phobie but maybe an SCP type? Kind of like a siren head but with red eyes and a more, creepish look (that’s where the name SCP-CR33P steps in)

yes this phobie is mainly an idea out of my name, lol


Way too OP. Basically the mine phobie but a game ender instead. I think it’s fine if it’s 9 keys though.

i kinda mixed up cleithrophobia and claustrophobia but its pretty similar

No se como escribir esto pero mis mas grandes miedos son:

miedo a los secretos tipo que me descubran yo siempre he tratado de ser lo mas incognito posible yo como aparento ser soy alguien muy distinto a como soy realmente por eso le tengo miedo a que sepan a profundo de mi y a los secretos porque si yo tengo un secreto es algo mas que tengo que ocultar osea un problema mas. Yo creo que si pudiera diseñar a un phobie seria basado en eso y lo llamaria Hash y obvio seria tipo
fantasma jeje.


Con esto me imaginé algún tipo de personaje transparente con un traje negro, un sombrero y un signo de interrogación en su rostro.
Sería un buen personaje para el juego. :eyes:


With this I imagined some kind of transparent character with a black suit, a hat and a question mark on his face.
Would be a good character for the game. :eyes:

What do you think @Firestrong ?

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I would actually like to work with you guys!

I’ll draw a few now that I can post pictures!

I would love to make a Fox phonie related to the demon fox “kitsune”.
Make it a dimensional type.
Give it the pounce ability? Or allow it yo walk through obstacles?

Also, a Cockroach phobie that creates weak token roaches everytime it his an enemy or their heart? Maybe make it able to walk through obstacles as well? Give it a sacrifice ability that only feeds undead? Lol

Plague Rat king? The other rats would deag behind it and they would be dead and small… give it a poison ability? Also, maybe allow it to create tokens like the roach i described?

Chupacabra? Lol give it a lofe steal ability?

I van do this all day lmfao


4.Quadped or biped robot
-possible names: Doug, Jeff, Biding
-Design: you can make it into a quadped or biped robot but it’s boring but it can be a robotic lizard with shredded skin that shows the electrical insides. It is faceless and had a face like a plunger and uses it to attack.
-Ability: Dementer: 1range, it plunges hard on the target opponent phobie and reduces one of phobie’s turn for the next round. Meaning that the opponent can only have one turn for that specific targeted phobie.
-1000hp, 2mobility, 1range, 370power

5.miniature eldritch
-Name: dot
-Design: purple miniature eldritch. You can design it however you want, the more confusing it is compared to anything exisiting, the better.
-Ability: hoop: the miniature creates an unbelievable dense of mass and expanding itself making a round window that is a wormhole, makes itself tiny again and at the same time change its place to any phobie of yours in the map.( i do not have any physics education background so if it bothers you then I am sorry.)
-600hp, flying, 3 mobility, no power

By the way, I am actually new to the game and have only basic phobies. So if any of my ideas was already in the game then I apologize. I had ideas and thought I should just pour it out here.

9 Keys:
The Infected Sauropod from Primal Series:
Youtube Infected Sauropod Primal

Hes ist so Ultimate in Strenght and Thickness with Poison / Illness
Big HP 3500
Attack 650 +350 Poison or Illness over Time
Movement 2
Attack Range 1

Special: Beserk
The Sauropod becomes Beserk Mode and Attack all Phoebs in Range from 3 Tiles with his long Neck and heals for 25% Amount of Damage from every Attack
Damage: 600
Delay 2 Turns

Something to do with the fear of heights, maybe a character whose feet look exactly like the base it stands on, but it changes the appearance of that tile to make it seem like an endless hole, surrounded by teeth that drip down and fall regularly.

It could be unique in that it’s attacks would coincide with it’s movement - it can do very little damage, but it can phase through enemy Phobies to deal it rather than having to attack directly.

This would mean that it would have to be fast, though. Three tiles or more of movement.

Ooh, call it ‘Vert Viggo’ after vertigo.

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Fear of being failure
Walking dunce cap
Would be just a monster for balance
Key cost: 4
Health: 1000
Attack: 600
Movement: 3 walking
Attack range: 1 tile
Special ability: EXPELLED (Phobies in target aoe cannot move for one turn)