When To Bring Out Expensive Phobies?

When opening my packs I seem to be getting a lot of cards for my 7 and 8 cost phobies such as Alleygator or Barzilla which makes me feel like I should play them since they are some of my higher level phobies.

On small maps where you only get 3 keys a round, is this viable? In my experience against other players, while one person is saving up a lot of keys, the other which is spending all of theirs is getting free reign of the map. By the time the 7-8 drop comes out, all the opposing phobies can usually gang up on them, and the other play also has an opportunity to bring out a budget phobie that can target its weakness once they see what you dropped (Sheep if it is living or dimensional, Electric if it is Mechanical, ect). If you don’t have any healing Phobies, and the map has no healing pool, Sheep especially can be a big scary issue to deal with.

Yeah, don’t use them right away. But if you save the keys slowly, you might get them. And after you summon a few budget phobies, save the keys, then you’ll get the keys required. For example, I summoned a lot of low cost but good phobies, and in the end I had enough keys to summon Hi-Five(8 keys).

@EnglshMan when the opponent starts banking keys , so should you
if not in a tight spot , summon your heavy unit after opponent has summoned his
it will give you an advantage , ex if he summons a mechanical unit , you can summon an electric unit , if he chooses an undead , you can choose poison. If you know what he is about to bring out , you can summon earlier for better placement