How would you classify phobies openings?

When you start a phobies game, async or arena, how would you tell his playing style depending on what he plays when he goes second? In my opinion, I would class them in 5 different categories:

  1. Pass: When your opponent clicks “end turn” right when you play your move. He wants to keep keys so he brings out a swarm or a big scary phobie.
  2. One 1/2 key: Your opponent wants to keep his keys while maintaining small influence on the map.
  3. One 3/4 key: Your opponent wants to control one panic point at a time and take free phobies if he can (or on big maps units that can take 3 steps in one turns).
  4. One 1 key and one 2 key: Your opponent tries to take as many panic points at the same time and waits for your unforgivable decision.
  5. Three 1 key: Your opponent really wants panic points quickly

This is how I would know my opponent’s playing style, stubborn defense or angry assault or somewhere in the middle.

Very interesting! I like it!

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