WIP Missanthrope

Missantrope Idle (WIP)

Im working on a Misanthrope variant because the Devs won’t do it. I wanted it to actually look professional unlike my last phobie so im gonna take my time with the animations.

Also apologies for my VERY long abscence from the forum. Mostly been in the discord and also life stuff.

The Phobie is called Missanthrope (get the pun?) A 6 key Mechanical.

All i will say for now is that it’s ability is like Body Count but in reverse, i’ll reveal the stats later.

Bye for now.

Also Ceceilia is a scam dont buy it lmao.

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What’s the stats of missanthrope?

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I think the user meant the fanmade one

Love it! I like Misanthrope’s design and this one looks great too! Animation is good also!

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2800 HP
300 Attack
1 range
2 Movement
6 key

Passive: Walking Obituary

Missanthrope Gains 300 attack when an allied Phobie is killed while it’s on the field, Phobies summoned via passives do not count. E.g Mummy mini Me’s.

Boom family and muffin suicides contribute to the bonus.

Jaws killing an ally also counts

Missantrope Idle

Also updated Idle

Also Also Missanthrope project will be postponed because of the Ryuk gamer phobie contest.

Balance Feedback is appreciated!