3 new Phobias idea

Angry phone

5 keys
Let’s say beast
hp 1550
moves 1
range: as for me it would be interesting if he could hit both close and at a distance
damage: near 400 at a distance of 350
ability: call from the boss
cooldown 2
Distance 2
immobilizes 1 turn
now Reflection: the idea with distance-dependent damage is one problem… it’s safer to retreat and beat at a distance, but I can’t refuse this idea

the ghost flower

9 keys
Hp 2250
moves 1
Attacks around 1
damage 375
Ability: at the beginning of the turn increases allied damage around you by 400 damage (if you move away from it, bonus will be lost)
Reflection: 9 key support, original


8 keys
HP 1700
moves 1
range 2
damage: 150 + 10% of phobia’s health which is attacked
ability: delay after appearance 2
immobilizes itself and increases attack range by 1, damage percentage per 5 and adds 75 (although probably better than 50), after applying Cooldown 1, then removes all the effects
thinking: pretty good card control and a quick way to get rid of strong phobias, but not particularly useful against 1-2 key phobias
Waiting for your concepts :3


Round two



Tomorrow I’ll do the others, now I have to get angry playing overwatch