Actually The Best Tier List

I meant true thereor on both of them

Mine was based on high rank games. I’ve been 5th a couple times, currently sit at 14th. I go up/down in top 20s generally. I’m no where near the best player, but definitely play well enough and understand most unit to keep up and stay up there. I’ve also played a total of 750 games since I’ve started.

That said, this really a matter of perspective. I’ve ranked things based on how well I will kill you if you use these units OR how bad I will lose if I try to use these units. But this isnt perfect either, I’ve lost games to units I consider “easy” to counter, but that’s generally due to spending on average 30 seconds per turn. I play a lot of games at once, so I rush most of them, and just play/pick units out of habit, more than planning out anything.

Edit: there is also a “how easy to play without planing” factor here. The units I put in S and A, requires a lot less tactical planning to get results out of them, to the exception of a few that are just overkill will good planning.

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the tier list should be different for short al large maps, its too hard to summon a 7+ phobie in a short map and 3 key phobies dominate

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my favourite phobie people underastemate him his biggest weaknes is poison and thats the only thing thats been killing him in my last few games

This tier list is completly opposite to mine

rusty is over level; he is the worst phobie, rare, 2 key and the most useless in all of the game.

heres my tier list

Thanks for sharing! :smiley:
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Moley bully on C and Boom and Baby Snakey on Z is absolute sin in my opinion, they are some of my most used phobies, and I don’t even own the fish with robot arms, but it is absolutely OP.

beware, new phobies are comming this October.