Actually The Best Tier List

Hello everyone! Hope you all are having fun with your Phobies :slight_smile:

A month ago, when I started playing this crazy game, was wondering about which are the best phobies in the game, and looked on the net to find some tier lists. I do it on every gacha I play, plus if there are different rarity ranks. We searched on the internet and were not really agree with any tier we found.

I know that ALL phobies are situational and most of them are very balanced (maybe I would change some status like freeze or fire) but we (Alhazred and I) wanted to make a decent tier list of phobies. We are not top players and we didn’t spend a lot of money to get closer to best players, so this tier is not meta and maybe in some way or other will be more subjective than objective (we tried to make it objective btw)

So this is the Tier list we made, we would appreciate colaboration and discussion about it, if you want to join us on this hard decissions x)

Thank you!



No need for such modesty mon ami , we did the best tier list :woozy_face::ok_hand:


Hahaha, just edited the thread title, thank u beast!

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Is there a list of all phobies somewhere? I ask because I just unlocked one that I don’t see on your list. Name is Blink. 4-cost common card.

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We made it from TierMaker web, and placed all the available phobies on there. I also checked my phobies list, and don’t have Blink on there, maybe you pulled one of the new Phobies!!

About the phobies list, there is a wiki on fandom, but is very incomplete atm :<

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Blink is new, it was added this patch, it doesn’t appear yet on tiermaker since they haven’t added the icon

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I disagree with Unbearable, having lob and life leech is just too good, yea he’s slow but he’s tanky af

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This is my point of view on it. Name on leaderboard: Ork

My opinion is based on high leaderboard ranking games. I got up to 4th at one point, now been moving regularly between 15th and 25th (hard to defeat people with lvl 19 Beauty) Anyways, my point is, At that rank, everyone knows counters, and we all use the same 5-6 phobies to start with, with some variation. Any mistakes = loss game. Common opening line up for most: Jar cannon, Stabby, Snowball, Murderwing and Cassowary.

To me Honey Bear, Fishtank, Minotaur, the undead raindeer pack, And Hi-five need redesign. They are all good on paper, but in game, totally unpracticle:

  • Minotaur - nothing wrong with him per say, just bloody hard to benefit from his AoE. And because he has AoE, seems that all of his stats suffer. You should never play him because, there are 5-6 Phobies at that key cost that are ten times better.
  • Hi-Five: Why AoE? Make him single melee hit with higher damage, He is 8 keys, IMO should be like cerberus with better movement. Yes he does have this base killing ability, but you’ll more likely never get to use it in high leaderboard ranks.
  • The undead pack is useless, 9 Keys to have a bunch of easy to kill 600 hp units, I’ve tried to make these guys work, lost every games I used them in.
  • Fishtank: Most of the 7 keys can either self-heal, do AoE, or have some cool ability. Then there is fishtank; weak to electrical, no abilities, Cerburus and Alley Gator will own him in a 1vs1. I see no point in ever using this guy. I’ve got 10 of the 7 keys Phobies and they are all very practical except for him.
  • Honey Bear: I guess he might be the counter to AoE fire tiles? LoL… idk, high key cost for what he is and does. IMO Charon is way better and I’ve won tons of games with Charon. I can never get Honey Bear to work. I think he should be 2 keys with less Hp/damage, make him a pure counter to the Boss’s fire aoe thing.

The other “F” are ok, I just dont like them.


Thanks I dig your tiered layout. Couple of questions for ya:

  • Can you expand on why Muffintop is to highly ranked? I would like it more if the heal was AoE, even if a much lower heal.

  • With Phobies like Finnigan, how often are you successful at pushing enemies down pits? I’ve been considering building around that for select maps but it could be tricky.

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  • He can heal poison in a bind. I often use him on Stabby to keep him alive and countering much longer.
  • He is also good to save Jar cannon or snowball. Its only 1 key, which is a really low cost to save a vital 3 key unit.


  • I use him a lot on the one big pit map, in combination with the 6 key AoE push guy. I don’t have white heavo, but that would work well too. AoE push to scatter units, and finnigan to pick off anything in reach.
  • His primary use to me though is moving units off points in a bind. Or, moving a unit from a tile that I want to put a new obstacle.
  • I’ve also used him to push a tanking unit out of the way of another unit I wanted to kill first.

Cheap low key units that can really change the course of the game like these two, should be ranked high


I’m around your rank and I must say that your Tier List seems very fine to me - as long as Tier List goes for that kind of game where context is everything.

Only quick remarks:

  • Klepto at C shocks me. Decent HP, move, range, AOE… It’s almost never wrong to play it middle game. For me it’s an A or at least very strong B.
  • Heavo at E: Not a great fan of him, but it seems low, it’s better than most other E ranked phobies.
  • K-9000 at E: that’s the biggest surprise for me, since it’s so good against me. As an opener, it’s sometimes better than Cassowary at 2 keys, since it can survive many hits and secure pressure points. Weirdly, I don’t have it, but I hate to play against it in the hands of good players.

Anyway, great work, it’s the best Tier List that I found so far.

EDIT: Oh, I forgot Noxious as D. For me it’s an easy A, at least a B. It’s so annoying to play against it.

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I think the reason for Heavo and K-9000 at that category is because I rarely use them. They arent bad, but generic. I preffer Cassowary and I use Suckee and Creep a lot, which are both better IMO. But, if I’m player 2 and you pull sockassin, I might use k-9000

I dont like heavo much… I’ll use the 4 key Unbearable instead. Lob+leech, I think he can 1v1 heavo. 5 keys is starting to get expencive, so things really need to have an impact. I generally stick to 3-4 key range unit until its time to bring out 6-7 key units. The only 5 key that I get a lot of use is the Spider, Quagmire and Smiley.

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There is no reason fishtank should be that low. It has high attack and health, and it’s only drawback is being mechanical

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Cerberus, Motherload and a lot more should be higher. For example, Hi-Five doesn’t deserve to be that low.

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I disagree, Cerberus, Motherload, they’re both too easy to avoid/kill. They’re scary in the early ranks, but once you more Phobies and in higher ranks, they are rarely good options. However they are still good and have their oportunities, which is why I didnt rank them at D or lower.

I already gave my reasons on Fishtank and Hi-five.

Anyways, I was 4th for couples days early this week, and now I’m 8th. I’ll probably go down a bit more by the end of the month probably in the 20s. However if I used Fishtank and Hi-five, i dont think i would even be in the top 100.

That said, a lot of this has to do with playstyle too. I dont really believe some phobies are better and thats it. I think they are just more “user-friendly” as they work in almost any strategies without much planning. When playing 50 games at once (to make the 168 games for the month), I dont have time to plan a whole lot.

They’re powerful, you just have to use them right. They never let me down.

Sorry but I could not seem to find Blinky on the list?

Blinky is added very recently, so the TierMaker site doesn’t have its photo.

Just wanted to let you know that I am very thankful and appreciative for the efforts you did with the tier list. @Amanida, @Alhazred and @SebTheOrk ! I hope to see more tier list contents of yours in the future updates. Keep up the good work and looking forward to it! :partying_face: :partying_face::partying_face:


Some of these placings just don’t make sense. If it based on high ranked games, alastor and pasgetti should be s, not b. :expressionless: