Another phobie idea

So, what if there was a phobie that had a normal attack, but a passive ability that lets it gain electrical damage over the course of the game. OR if they damage an enemy they gain a portion of the damage they do as electrical damage. This will be reset once a mechanical phobie is hit. The level one cap is 500 elec. damage possible, and increases by 50 with every level


Thats a realy good idea in my opinion, but the increase of the cap in 50 per level will not work, because in phobies the stats increase 3% per level, like cerberus damage, that have 1000 damage in level 1 and every level up increase is damage in 30 damage points

But if its only 3% for the electrical damage then at level 10, which is where most phobies are at least somewhat playable, it will only have 650 extra damage for the electricity damage. Maybe there is a better way to balance this out

The increase need to be like the other status increase, like if we increase more it will be unbalanced for the game. Like, if a mechanical phobie have 1000 hp in level one and the ability cap is 500 in level one, but the increase of hp from the mechanical phobie is 3% per level while the ability cap increase is 50 per level, then the mechanical phobie will have 1300 hp in level 11 meanwhile the ability cap whould be 1000 also in level 11.(Sorry if heres english misspronunciations)

But changing a bit from the topic a had new ability idea, what we had an ability that could make we attack our own phobie but with the damage reducted, it would be really good for your ability idea, even for already existing abilities like haphe or for area damages like eratic

i guess instead of increasing the electrical damage per level, it can just be some really high electrical damage at level 1