Change “step on 3 resurrect phobies” quest

Let’s be honest, this mission sucks the most cause no one ever uses resurrect phobies. The cheap ones aren’t good in battle while terrordactyl is too expensive and not everyone has it.

The solution to this is simple:

Either (1) change the mission or (2) rework resurrect phobies so more people will use them.

lol 90% of the quest is unsolvable without some help unless you want to throw the game

Ikr? It would have been fine if they allowed completing missions with frenemies, but that ship sank long ago.

are you crazy, step bones of resurect phobies is the most easy way to complete quest, normaly the game asks you to kill specifical phobies whit x phobie which is not appropriate to do that or recapture panic points whit slow phobies.
is realy harder found easy or aceptabe challenges or good dupes for try to obtain that cards from the quest.

No, I’m not crazy.

Bringing out resurrect Phobies like flopsy or cottontail or jackalope king is basically you halfway towards giving your enemy a free win with how bad these units are. Yes, the mission is easy, but no one is sane enough to do that, especially if you’re playing to win.


Ask yourself, are you going to bring out those units out in a match against a tryhard just for a quest?

You’re not considering Ted, Jill, Daisy (actualy) and Terrordactyl; In addition, people at a high level rarely take out phobies that are resurrected by those who normally stay in soaf, from Doomsday 3 and down you will always found someone who uses phobies that resurrect; Apart from stepping on them or not depends on how the game goes, apart from SOAF it is easier to find people to do missions so that is not a problem.
the low level players normaly use the jackalope family to capture panic points in mid game, that is normal especially when you do not have many sacrifices of 1 key, it seems that you do not understand how they work to ask them to remove one of the easiest missions in the game with which obviously I have managed to obtain cards for several of my phobies just by having active some asynchronous.

Easy for you to say when you’ve not experienced 5 days of not having encountered a single enemy who used resurrect Phobies. You’re absolutely missing the point.

They’re not meta, so players won’t use them.

People with that quest will suffer and will resort to rerolling that quest.

What is so hard to understand?

you have bad luck; only.