Completing the mechanical phobies event quest

I just wanted to say that the event quests were very fulfilling in rewards and I completed it with 1 day and 20 hours to spare currently sitting at 141k points. One thing, I would say is a missed opportunity would be to see a leaderboard for the points accumulated throughout the events duration. Another point I have to make is that this event allowed me to buy, my first horrific pack! Which I was happily pleased to get hematic ginsting as my new phobie. I can’t wait to see what else there may be to come, if not then, I am more than happily pleased with the rewards I received. Thank you for such an incredible game and atmosphere to play in!

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Congratz on getting Hematic Ginsting - One of the best units!
I agree that having a leaderboard for it would be pretty fun (don’t think they should ever give rewards for leaderboard though, that would be bad).
I think they will probably also do events for the other races in the future (at least I hope so). :smiley:

The leaderboard would add a little competitive fun to the mix just to spice it up just a little.
I also agree that, if implemented, the leaderboard should never lead to rewards for the events as it would only sour the taste of being competitive in a fun way.
If other events do come I’m sure they’ll be more extravagant than the current because of the feedback theyll recieve from the current one.
Btw I constantly watch your replays and just love your play style and process, it helped me win against some higher levels phobies and accounts, thanks for the free class! (Should get paid for your free classes :smirk:)

I don’t know if I’m the best person to watch for replays, but I’m happy if you learnt anything from it! (would recommend watching Aliengineer, Clawz and Smileyyy games where they are against equally leveled opponents if you can find any, those are some of the best players in the game currently IMO)
I was actually thinking about doing some video’s on strategy and stuff, but feels kind of scuffed to do since my mic is bad… :slight_smile: (I’ve been in the process of recording a heebie jeevies → sum of all fears on a new account thing, but due to the mic I don’t know if it’s worth even putting up - Not only is the quality kind of meh, but it also cuts out at times for some reason, think it might be my OBS or something but I don’t have a lot of experience with that kind of stuff) :sweat_smile:

Im fairly new to the game barely made it to stress lvl 41 today, it would be worth the try at it with the strat vids, the quality isn’t always based on audio it’s all proportional with one another.
The thing about it though is your passion for it if you have the know how and passion to make it work you make it work.
The rest is just up to experience and confidence.
We aren’t always gonna have the best tools available, so just go for it.
I think it would add some more exposure to the game and help others understand it in a different view.
You’ve definitely helped me out in strats when it comes to using the environment and positioning.

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