Didn’t get paywall reward

Account name: CosmicWolf01

I didn’t get the paywall reward

Hey there! Sorry to hear that you didn’t receive your reward.
Have you checked the status of the reward? Please refer to the first image directions. It should point you into the direction of where you need to go. :slight_smile:

If you notice that your rewards are not claimable there, you would then need to reach out to the offerwall support team. Refer to image two! It’ll show you how to get into touch with them. :slight_smile:

I redid the offer reward and still didn’t get it and I did support request yesterday yet haven’t gotten a email

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Glad to hear that you were able to submit a ticket over to them. Hopefully they able to respond in a timely manner.

Please keep us updated! Also, thank you for sharing a picture of the offer. We’ll keep this as a reference, too!