Dreadful Pack issue

Username: Vredes994
Email: kaloian121@gmail.com
Platform: Android

I have a bug report. Yesterday I opened a Dreadful Pack and instead of the guaranteed Rare and Ultra Rare phobies I got some points and 2 common phobies, Tickles and Baby Snakey. Is this a common issue? I was saving for over a month for that pack.

Thank you in advance!

Hey there.

Have you previously opened packs prior?

Yes I have, 2 I believe and each time there was an ultra rare and rare inside.

No worries!

Noted on this page here: Dreadful Pack - Phobies
The first time that you buy a Dreadful Pack, you will always get at least one new Ultra-Rare Phobie.

Afterwards, that’s not the case. However, for Dreadful packs, the average of all rarities combined is listed on the page. They are not guaranteed, unfortunately for packs following the first-time purchase.

It’s not guaranteed, but they are listed there. :slight_smile:
Rare cards have a 15.4% chance and Ultra-Rares are 3.9%

Okay I understand, thank you for the information!

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