[Feedback] Nerf-Buff Phobies: Which Ones and What to Change

they should buff the booms rusty and jar canons health

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eternal night should be three keys

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Why would you want that?

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I was testing Tick and i think that is very weak for be a 1-1 phobie(Slow, melee)
It has low stats, compared to Venus which has 1800 hp and 500 dmg, while Tick only has 1300 hp and 400 dmg, making him impossible to get close to the enemies and menace.
I think it needs a stats buff, on hp and on dmg
1300 > 1700
400 > 450

his ability is fine

I think that hydra needs a health nerf or a higher cost. It’s much better than most other phobies that cost 4 keys, I’ve played against other people that use it and I feel it’s just to good for the cost.

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Bluelien is the most brain dead thing ever. If you have it and your opponent doesn’t, you win. He enables you to make as many mistakes as you want and you can’t even be poisoned or chip damaged. There’s barely counter play as his heals last all game on multiple targets every turn. The cooldown on his pool is too short and they last too long. The fact that it’s better than the pools around the map is an absolute joke and it should be weaker than the ones on the map. He forces you to have to use specific phobies that cancel out spaces and if you don’t have them or they aren’t high level you just lose, not to mention they are all fairly slow. He’s also way too tanky for a phobie with his mobility and utility. I have outplayed my opponents the entire game just to lose to passive blue alien play. I’ve never seen a more boring toxic environment thing in a game to date. It straight up makes the game boring and sometimes puts you in a situation where you mind as well surrender 20 turns before the game would end, because why waste time? It’s like league of legends where your opponent feeds the other team and you know you’re going to lose in the first 5 minutes of the game when there’s a half hour left. It forces your hand, and people using it know that. If you use bluelien and lose, uninstall. Maybe the worst example of p2w or luck based wins in any game ever, is Bluelien. Every match she is in it is guaranteed to be passive and boring.

Bad Sushi is actually ok. You try to use him to get the opponent to move out rather than for actual damage and if the opponent ignores it they take (where I’m at) 700+ dmg plus poison. He also has more health than Sheeping Gas.

I agree with this. Bad sushi doesn’t attack but his skill is very good against undead Phobies especially against Cerberus but i still agree that Sheeping Gas is better especially his skill and attack When used correctly it has the potential to sweep your enemies team

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Klepto should NOT be uncommon, it has good hp, good atk, it lobs, moves by 2 AND aoe damage, i think it ahoul be rare so that i dont see it every 5th round

pls buff sparky is so expensive yet so weak

I have to disagree with your points on clinico, terrordactyl, and muffintop. Yes, clinco’s healing cooldown is 2 turns but the opponent is wasting one of their phobie slots to summon a very low health and attack phobie. You can always use this to pressure your opponent. Using a phobie that has a poison attack is a good way of dealing with ressurect phobies. Just wait it out until terrordactyls health is low and use a one key cost to step on it. Healing and taking away poison damage is the whole reason on why poison is in the game. If muffintop couldn’t heal poison then there would be no reason for it to be in the game as its just disease.

I disagree. Hydra is just a cheaper Cerberus that is susceptible to the same strategies that he is. Just kite hydra with a ranged phobie or use erratic. Everybody pretty much has access to an electrical phobie and erratic is good.

Imao. I can’t tell if this is sarcasm or not.