Phobies Tier List (1.7.1), by ManInYellow (update for 1.8 in comments)

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Thought it was about time I did a updated tier list for the game - This time in video form. :slightly_smiling_face:
Chose to make a new thread since I don’t want players opening the old outdated one by accident.
As for how experienced I am (makes sense putting this in a tier list thread) I’ve been playing Phobies since basically the start and get to SOAF 3 in a-sync during pretty much any season I actively participate in. :slight_smile:
There’s also a picture version of the final list here for those that may prefer that since the video is quite long :sweat_smile: :


This is a personal opinion. I find Jar Cannon useless, yes it has incredible range and mobility, but does very little actual damage and can be one shot by half the phobies in the game.

Why the GLOB isn’t in S tier?

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Whaddya mean why? Glob is pretty risky play.

Glob is decent when you want to play aggressive, however he’s somewhat weak to pushes and has the same problem as most melee 1 movers of being kiteable by ranged units.
You also can’t attack a unit when glob is on it, which is another small downside.
I could maybe see a argument for moving him up into ‘Strong Units’ as he works decently well with Akira (aoe + buff stuff still tends to be stronger for that though) and can do pushes - But he certainly isn’t OP :sweat_smile:

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Cotton tale is probably very weak your right but ingame he’s literally my second MVP lmao (I’m kinda a noob)

Update for Symphony of the Undead (1.8):

Picture with only the new phobies ranked:

Video: @ttps:// (replace the @ with h)

Quick version of my thoughts on the new phobies:
Conductor (C-) : His active seems kind of meh to me (going full undead usually isn’t a very good idea), but his combat stats are actually decent - Kind of comparable to Fetch, but with a good chunk more health.

Badside Manners (E+): Stats seem underwhelming for 5 keys, especially when compared to Snappy (another new unit).

Snappy (C+): Seems like a pretty decent early turret that’s pretty hard to take down or force to retreat due to it’s large health pool.

Mummy (D+): Huge amount of attack power, but it’s a melee unit that kind of needs to be used for tempo early on. You’re probably better off going for a 2 range 2 movement big unit in most cases.

Giggles (C-): Attack power is looking real big, but it’s kind of squishy for a 4-cost turret (at level 1 it has 50 health less than normal BoMangles which is 1 less key). Not unusable, but turrets are more commonly used to hold down a part of the map so that you can bank keys for larger units, which is why you want them to be hard to take down.

Tooth Fairy (A-): Kind of like a side-grade to Murder Wing, has a bit less burst damage but more consistent damage with multiple attacks and a bit more HP. Personally I think burst is very valuable on small units so I’d place it a bit below Murder Wing.

Jaws (C): Can get to kind of wild attack numbers which can make it good for invades or huge amount of heart burst damage, but takes a very long time to set up and costs a lot more keys than most seem to realize (it’s effectively a 7 cost if you eat Wiggy for example).

Goon (A+): Incredible unit! Tanky, powerful line attack that can heal him a bunch (can also 1-hit Jars), can be placed on Stim Pads or used with buffers to 1-hit larger back-liners or it can just be used to hit enemies that get too close as it’s only 1 turn cooldown. It’s most comparable to Puff (less utility since it’s not flying and has no fire, but it has a lot better stats) which is a very good unit.

Baaaad Sheep (B): Pretty good for AOE poison, though I still think it will have a bit of a problem hitting large amounts of enemies at times. The best comparison is Noxious in my opinion, and I’d probably rather have Noxious in most cases since it’s 1 key cheaper, easier hit multiple with while staying safe and (importantly) has flying.


Doom Doom isn’t good for a 5 key cost unit but certanly can be useful when facing many trap unit, like that guy

As for greylien definitly belongs to the F tier trash phobies