[Feedback] Nerf-Buff Phobies: Which Ones and What to Change

buff the health for jackalopes, make the attack for bad sushi like cassoweary, rusty movement or same idea as last

Nah he dont need no buff, sure, moffats poison is greater, but the second you attack her with her melee and dont kill the phobie, moffats gone because shes so brittle, but octo naughty has ranged dmg, its low definetely, but at least you can stay farther away and attack normally so that he doesnt die as much

so in a situation where you try to push octo-naughty, more often than naught you’ll have to have at least 2 other phobies so that he can stay alive.

Same thing can happen if you push miss moffat :man_shrugging:

but in a straight up 1v1, no more keys, no buff/movement/damage/poison and disease tiles/ heal spas. moffat vs octonaughty, who you choosing

Ok so there could be a couple of possibilites with this

  • moffat gets 1 hit in with her poison, octo gone

  • moffat would chase octo close enough for her melee, octo runs away far enough for that not to happen using both actions, and the cycle repeats

  • both would wait for the other one to do something until time itself no longer exists

  • octo could try kiting moffat in some way

They are never gonna try pulling closer because either
A. With moffat, Octo would prob be too far away for moffat to reach him
B. With octo, its just death if he pulls moffat closer

(On a real note id pick octo because i prefer range)

i really want octonaughty to be buffed, what if you could move the phobie to any adjacent tile, for a more unique ability?

Even though i dont think it needs a buff i like that, i wouldnt mind that

Buff Blondy
Buff Rusty
Buff Woolly Bully
Buff Doom Doom
Nerf Bluelien
Nerf Uni Corn

My poor Uni Corn :cry:

I think Ogre’s rage should be buffed, not in terms of strength, but in the activation. 3000 hp is too low, since on small maps, you spend nearly all your keys when heart starts taking serious damage, and on big maps, there are more panic points, so the Ogre can’t be used seriously cuz the heart dies too early. In my opinion, rage should activate at 3500 hp, if y’ think it’s too op, then at least on 3250-3300

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i wanna say my opinion:

first i go to simpletons, like Smiley. I think its too good. For one, it always goes front so i have no choice but to attack with. Everytime i try to attack, it will disease it. Sure, the only thing i need to use is mechanical pokers like jar head or heavo (but i don have heavo) but in all circumstances, smiley is op

Beauty. I suppose its broken. I see many people complain bout this crap over and over again. Why aren’t the devs nerfing it??

Bad Sushi was one of the threats i faced in an old battle. OK, he sucks but im a newbie so i technically dont know what to do about him so i lost bec of him that time. Now i have it and NOW i realize what a piece of trash this guy is. He really needs a buff. Maybe rework him so he is a little similair to smiley (nah that’d be too broken) or idk.

Fowl won me over by design. I kinda like the headless funky chicken design (im sure many disagree) but it is so underrated and useless. I fought over him one time and he kinda sucks. Needs keys to be decreased or smthing and btr stats.

Stabby. Recoil dmg broken. dmg broken. nerf.

Fire ant seems too good bec of the trap it makes. I mean, it deals area dmg which i think is too good. this is only prefference ok? dont send disagree replies.

Jill and Ted are good but maybe add a 1 to movement with the pair buff, just like the speedolas. If they get extra movement, why not them as well? It would be more useful that way. One time I found my opponent got them both on the battlefield and once Ted and Jill split ways, I killed Ted without skipping a beat.

thunder rocks. oh please. I dont need to say anything bout this guy.

honestly i think Jammy fish is kinda useless. Sure, gives extra keys but it only takes from the keys u will have. wont it be broken if it gives extra keys but not from upcoming ones? Like, bonus keys? Ofc it will have a limit of extra keys. I’d say 3 is enough.

Haha Alastor. really broken. Maybe it would be better if the movement type is not flying and is bypassing.

smother mother really needs a nerf in damage. Bro she is litterally making Cerberus look like a piece of sh*t when he is really good in controlling small maps.

Tiny Tim has a decent dmg resistance but is still bad. I think he lacks hp and dmg.

Mike Roscopic is not a good choice for players. Really bad in comparison with Gesundheit and lacks stats. If poison ivy is just a btr venus flytrap and has 1 more tile and gives poison damage, why not our boy Mike be similar to that?

Scritch is basically a faster and better Gonzo Bonzo, but why is Gonzo still a better choice? Simple. Its hard to get (well deserving), but its of no diff to the monkey. I say buff the dmg buff into like 350, more or less so it becomes a better choice and a 6 key worth phobie

Russel and the other crow(i think edgar alan). My brother, how are they not flying???

Doughzer might be a squishy foe, but, my friend, is he too much in hp? he is already 2 tile attacker and making Cerberus, again, look like dog sh*t

Im not reading, all that…

It’s been quite some time since my last comment in here so I just thought I would make a new one with my current thoughts. I’ve played the game since shortly after launch with a few short breaks and have been high SOAF any time I do a decent amount of matches.

The Big Four:
The big 4 are the most powerful units in the game (and they’ve been so for a while now) and are honestly broken compared to any phobie not among these.

  1. Cupcake. (strongest unit in the game IMO, it’s powerful both on the offensive and defensive, it can punish enemies way too much if they ever try to fight one of your units while it’s near a vault (especially if your buffed target is a AOE unit which is super common), doesn’t really feel like you can play around it in a lot of cases you just have to hope that they don’t own it.) For the rest of these I won’t tell them how to change them (since I think they will do a way better job at that), but for this one it’s pretty obvious that it just needs a 1 turn lock on it.
  2. Gonzo Bonzo. (very easy to use and extremely powerful, can completely turn a game if used on the right unit and makes units such as Boss and Heavo 3.0 (which would already be good on their own) very powerful, you’re pretty much never unhappy to summon this unit and it’s used in pretty much every serious game at higher ranks)
  3. Attractor. (the effect on this is just way too strong, a AOE pull is insanely powerful and Attractor is pretty hard to snipe too on top of that, so it often ends up just zoning you completely off the map if you don’t own one yourself or have some way to kill it that your opponent misses)
  4. Akira. (most powerful ability in the game, only really broken on large maps - but boy is it powerful there. This unit becomes even more powerful when you combine it with things such as Attractor and AOE units which will often allow you to pretty much end games in one turn when you use it’s ability, it’s body is actually pretty strong too on top of that).

Outside of those 4 (which all pretty much NEED to be looked at), there are a good bunch of others which you could also make arguments for nerfing such as: Boss, Heavo 3.0, Hematic Ginsting, Klepto (only if hematic is nerfed), Bluelien and UniCorn.

As far as units that could use buffs go there’s actually a lot more, but the main two I’d really want to see touched would be Rusty and Leshy as they’re both pretty sad units IMO.

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