Frightening Packs Became Useless

I opened 3 frightening packs and got no new Phobie. And I Keep receiving Upgrade Cards that i don’t want to upgrade.

The chance of a new Phobie isn’t very high from tears packs. I only have 20ish phobies and I rarely get a new one from Frightening packs, maybe 1 in 3.

Luckily, you get a pretty decent roster right off the bat, in my opinion!


You can see the rates of the packs by clicking the “i” beside them. It’s an average amount that applies when opening the packs, keep that in mind.
My packs haven’t been the kindest, but I know eventually I will get my mildred, haha.

Channeling the good luck for a new phobie or a phobie of a higher quality!

Another thing to note is that with card packs, each of the cards you do get, including duplicates, will definitely help with buffing your current phobie roster. I know it’s super exciting to had newly added arsenal but your roster will become ever more strong. :slight_smile: