game does not work with mobile internet

game does not work with mobile phone internet, only works with Wi-Fi… could you solve the problem?

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the game still doesn’t work with the phone’s internet….it only works with Wi-Fi

Hey there. By phones internet, are you referring to your data plan?
Which area are you in? That’s definitely quite strange. Have you tried another device?

Hi there, it’s happening the same thing to me. I’m in Florence using a 4g+ device OnePlus7 Pro. Fix it because it’s very annoying to play only with the wi-fi, sometimes I haven’t one in the nearby. Thx

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I’ve found that are many other players with the same problem, and some of those have quitten the game 'cause of this problem.
Solve it please, it’s a really big problem.

The game does require a stable connection. Is your data having trouble?
By mobile internet, are you referring to Data?

I don’t understand why you banned my game…it works both with Wi-Fi and with other devices…but it doesn’t work with my phone’s internet…solve me the problem that has been persisting for more than a month

We have not banned any game. Not quite sure what that means.

Could you please try another device and see if it works?
If your connection is not stable. You will experience troubles.

We can report this for you, we just need the following information:

Your account name:
Device you play Phobies on, as well as the OS/Version:
Phobies Version:
And your log files emailed to

Please email that information to the email provided.

To obtain your log files, this guide here will show you how:
How to REPORT A BUG - BUG REPORT / REPORT A BUG - Phobies Official Forums

still not solved my problem…the problem is the connection of my phone number…the problem is not the phone….only with phobies I have this problem…create an update please to solve my problem…

We won’t be able to assist unless you provide us with the details, unfortunately.
In order for us to fix the issue, we need you to email us the requested information above so our dev team can investigate what may be happening, otherwise we won’t be able to fix any bug that may be causing you trouble.

Please provide us with the details requested.