Giving my acc for free if i get a trash UR and trash Rare

If you didn’t know im going to be doing a opening and in that opening im going to be opening my first horrific and dreadful and it really boils down to what im getting so for example if i get a heavo 2.0 but get a sockassin im not giving my acc or the opposite where i get a heavo 3.0 but i get a rusty, and if i get both trash like i get jill and bad omen im giving it away and if both of them are good im not giving it away

Note : and before anyone says there good idc ok? Im not keeping a acc with a cupcake im probably going to reroll at that point

Dude why are you gonna get rid of your account just cause certain phobies. Just cause you get those does not mean the others are locked up forever.


Because currently i need some heavy artillery like boss or something and i don’t think that i can win matches with only klepto and heavo because there my only good phobies and maybe ogre but the others are decent to hot garbage and i don’t think suckassin is going to help even the slightest just a meatshield

In my eyes no phobie is useless if you know how to use it right (there’s been plenty of phobies I have that I thought are useless until I started to use them more, like creep and attractor [& undead in general])

Finally opened my packs got 7 new phobies
Rusty, repellor, hercules, unicorn, gargles, slammerhead and boomer

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Thats a very good list

Yeah i was not expecting these phobies especially repellor and boomer and also what are the chances for the gold packs? For me i think its kinda high

The gold pack odds are very good

You need your phobies with a good level, especially your c, uc, and rs. If you are smart you can pick up a great fight against anybody. Sure, sometimes you will get destroyed. Replay and watch your mistakes, most of the games are dictaded at the begining.