Got any tips?

I keep losing a lot and need tips on how to get better

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Think very well your firsts move. Usually you can decide early on the battle. Keep your common updated (maximized).

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You need to calculate as much possibilities as possible in every turn, what can you do, and what’s the best move your enemy can do to counter your move, just like chess. But it’s a matter of time until anyone gets better so it’s ok to lose a lot, just learn from your mistakes. (and sorry for my bad English)

I also keep losing a lot, but it’s like a wave. At a stage I lose constantly, then suddenly I win constantly. I have lost more than won according to my stats. Yet I’m now in the Doomsday 1 tier, almost going for 2 tier. I think one learns all sorts of strategies as you go along. As they say, Failure Paves the Way to Success. You can also check how the top three in the league are doing it. I have. I should probably do it again.

Its hard without specifics, there are general tips, follow good players, learn good openings look for opportunities to heartrush or get kills. Try to kill phobies equal or above the key cost of the phobies you lose killing them. Dont save large amounts of keys if you have nothing to save for (generally avoid saving above 9 keys if you can. Only sacrifice 1 keys to recapture panic points you can keep. Stuff like that, if you want specific advice feel free to ask about a map or situation