How do I counter Enigma?

I recently gotten to a higher league and have been seeing Enigma for quite a while but i can’t seem to make up a strategy to beat him, I’ve tried anything and i wanna know if anyone have some strategy or tips?

I honestly haven’t thought about strategies to beat an AI, just play normally and go with the flow i guess?

My advice would be to watch how the top players beat Enigma, you can learn an enormous amount of strategy tips from the battle logs.

One useful tip though, is to use a 1 key Phobie to take the center panic point so you have panic point majority, and then defend your control of your panic points with ranged Phobies- Enigma will often have to take the center panic point back with a higher key Phobie, and then you can kill it


I find that enigma prioritizes attacking an enemy even if they can’t kill that enemy. You can use this in many ways. One trick is to lure him in to attack a high health Phobie and setup some other Phobies behind your bait Phobie to him to attack.

Depends on the Phobies you have as well.

Being able to poison then get out can help. as noted by PB, they focus on damaging your phobies, so if you are able to cap the points quickly, you can wait the clock out most the time, as long as you can stay alive.

best counter is to surrender

Spawn low key phobies and rush its strongest phobies by HP and DMG