Grimes bug

Grimes does not increase his attack when killing Cottontale. Does not matter if Grimes steps on the bones, attacked first, or dealt killing blow to Cottontale. I suspect it is because of the resurrect ability.

maybe stepped bone doesn’t count as killed by anyone just like when phobies dies because of lava tile, they killed by their own ability

Hey NiteHare! Do you have a video replay you an email us so I can see what may be happening if possible?
I’ll share it with the designers and see if we can collect anything from the video. :slight_smile:

Hi I forwarded and attached video to the email address provided.

Thank you

Hey NiteHare! I just received an update. It is indeed a known bug that our team is currently investigating. The intended design for the ability is that by squishing the bones, would trigger Grimes passive ability.

Just wanted to say thank you for reporting the bug! We appreciate it. :slight_smile:

Thank you for the update. Look forward to the fix!

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You are very welcome!
We appreciate you bringing this back up as it is assisting with our investigation!
I’ll go ahead and close this thread for now. :slight_smile: