How good is noxious , I got the dragon looking phobie in an uneasy pack and tbh I really am uneasy about using him

Is he good enough to replace eratic??

I can tell you with confidence since i have him, hes EXTREMELY good, but… replacing erratic? Nah, those two are completely different situation phobies, noxious is a reliable damage dealing aoe attacker with aoe poison to help sliver down the opponents hp, but he isnt as great on small maps because there isnt as much aoe so hes better on big maps where usually the enemy groups up everything, erratic on the other hand is mostly used for crowd controlling and getting great amounts of health back ontop of being a very good mech counter, but hes pretty slow so obviously he isnt as good on big maps where its a lot more open so hes better on small maps where he deals great damage in time

TL;DR- dont replace erratic, noxious is mostly better on big maps and erratic is mostly better on small maps if youre looking for aoe

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thank you bro, I usually get small maps , am at heebie jeebies ii , so small maps are all I get

thanks :slight_smile:

Nox can still be used on small maps when the opponent is using too many undead, its honestly a really strong unit and one of the better units in this game. Its just not a replacement for eratic.

Mostly I have a prob with those voodoo doll like phobies the damage return costs me too much, the voodoo phobie with that murder wing deals too much damage on my noxious before I even use his aoe ability

Id have to see the particular matches or situations to give advice but you generally want to keep noxious at a safe distance until you can hit a good ability and then put him back into hiding. If hes consistently getting attacked by phobies like stabby (the voodoo doll) its probably a sign that youre moving him in too close.

If timed well a single use of his ability can turn the tides of a match as it can do a massive amount of damage to a large group of phobies