How unlucky are you?//?/?///

what is the most unluckiest thing/s that has happened to you in this game.

Ill go first I was winning against this person that had level 10s (mine were up to 6) but the most dangerous things he had on the field were an attracter and an in-oculus and I had a counter of rockus. and this person sends out a LEVEL 10 FOWL and I have never seen it before and it destroyed me with my fetch and eratic(my only electric for the oculuses than my dead thunder rocks)

ThatS pretty alright to me.
I once lost on a large map with the enemy heart Boeing at 1 fckng hp 1 HP!!!
And that’s still alright, i started the game 2 month after it came out, and still no ultra rare. I opened two 800 coffee pack to get in one Kerbloom and in the other one jill. My 300 coffee pack are average. I think the game hate me

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Well one ultra rare with jar cannon but that doesn’t count

You should try saving up for a Dreadful (2000 coffee) pack if you want to get your first Ultra Rare - It’s guaranteed for the first one you open. :slight_smile:

U right but i got a feeling I ´ m going to get Kaboom or sockassassin

man bro wish you the best in the future. reading mine now it isnt the worst against yours by a mile

Sockassassin is still good tho in my opinion also you forgot to mention rocky he is worst that kaboom and sockassassin so if you get kaboom or rocky thats not a ultra rare oh no you’re so wrong that is a golden trash bag among the other trash bags

Well I don’t know who’s Rocky but u’re probably right however I didn’t say sockassassin was bad I just think getting a 1 key ultra rare phobies after waiting more than a year in a 2000 coffee pack is quite sad, i’m sure u can understand seeing what u posted earlier. But I keep hope that i’d be luckier next time i hope u the same

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SAME, like i have NOTHING against fowl, i dont even have HEAVO

bro I dont have heavo either and even if I did I had no keys left to and he was able to spend the last of his keys on fowl

I do something similar with hydra on small maps when they have no keys to counter him, most of the time it works out for me

Tomorrow I’m buying my first dreadful pack, See if my luck has turn or is still trash

Not the one i wanted the most but thank god it was Ok, My FIRST Ultra rare
I got lucky there

I mean you get a guaranteed ultra rare from your first dreadful so obviously youd get one but ANOTHER TWO, damn now im feeling a lot more excited when i get enough for my first dreadful

Nice edgar,even tho he is not the best he is still better than a morty im also saving up but im probably going to get morty or kaboom and if that happens i will quit this game forever