I hope this game can do well

I’ve been reading this forum and discord, and I’ve seen a lot of rants about this game. As a player who truly loves this game, I really wish it will succeed.

I find a lot of similarities of Phobies to another game I love - Clash Royale, both a collectable strategy game. I know Clash Royale has been very successful over the past years, from casual games to competitive eSports. I truly hope this game can replicate its success.

First of all, I hear a lot of people complaining about the matchmaking vs. overleveled Phobies. That’s a fact that we all need to accept. Either you spend time , money or both to progress. One day when you progress far enough, you will also face and crush people who have spent less time or money than you. So those who spend more money or time well deserve to have better leveled Phobies.

Secondly, I would like to say that this is the most fundamental flaws of this game:
The pack opening drop rates in this game are terrible.
It breaks my heart to see a player paid/ or earned 2000 coffee beans just to open a new common phobie. You can watch this youtube video here:

Search on youtube: Opening Terrifying and Dreadful Phobies packs

This is so painful to watch as accumulating 2000 coffee beans is no easy task for the average gamer. The game should increase the drop rates or guarantee some sort of Rare or better+ phobie for the most expensive card pack. I know you are guaranteed an Ultra Rare for the 1st Dreadful pack. After all, purchasing 2100 coffee beans costs $US 25. For $US 50, I can buy Elden Ring a Triple AAA PS4 game near a shop where I live. I don’t think any player, whale or not, would be willing to pay 25 bucks just to open a new Common.

Speaking of whales, I just read another player here, SebtheOrk who said that he will stop paying. I was really surprised to hear that, as these whales are the ones who truly support the game. They should, definitely for paying, have a near-maxed out collection. Now I know why he stated such bold comments, as collecting all the phobics is near to impossible. (Unless you have a developers account).

There is no control how a player can accumulate or level up desired Phobies. No daily shop at all. You can’t even spend some coffee or tears to collect a few extra cards for a specific Phobie you want to level up. Actually my bad, the only control we have is to refresh the quest if we don’t like the cards for that particular Phobie. And don’t even talk about quests… that’s another story that needs to be addressed.

The 8 hour jack opening is also annoying - why not 1 daily loggin like other games with increased rewards than 3 daily logins at 8 hour intervals?

A few of my friends would also like to support the game and spend some money. Apart from the ‘Starter pack’, there’s absolutely no Weekly/ Monthly promotions. Maybe a monthly Paid Reward Pass like Clash Royale would be ideal.

I have no idea how this game can become an Esport game if acquiring a ‘perfect’ collection is so difficult. No player will enter the Esport scene if they do not have all the Phobies at their disposal. This puts any players without a near or perfect collection at a sever disadvantage.

I’m not asking any developers to reply or comment on my post. But I think this game can learn so much from other successful games in the Mobile market.

I truly wish this game will succeed.



I hope so too. I mean, this is an awesome game, and I even consider it the best game forever. The only problem is it isn’t known by many people, compared to Minecraft, Clash Royale etc. . All it needs is to spread by players or ads, and then Clash Royale and Chess lovers will love this game.

Also, about the Dreadful Pack, read this post:

put an h where the * is

The drop rate is the only real issue I have. Once you get passed 80-90 Phobies, the drop rate for new Phobies seems to drop massively. The last 10K beans I bought only got me one new Phobie, which basically lead me to decide to no longer spend money on this game. I feel like i got passed a threshold which makes it feel no longer worth it.

I agree with you on some point but disagree on others.

1st: People should be matched according to their rank and also Phobies level, I don’t think its fair to find a whole Lv.9 team when your you have your team at Lv.6-7. I can’t play so much time and neither spend that much money, and I don’t think someone deserves more for that, that makes the game a p2w, in other words, it ruins the game.

2nd: Yeah, the rates are horrible, in the last 17 boosters all I got was Flopsy and CottonTale, wich are not viable at all. Peraphs, if I don’t get something new on my next pack, that would be a goodbye to this game, because I can’t spend 2-3 hours a day to get almost nothig as a reward, and that’s really sad because I really like this game.

3rd: The quest system is one of the worsts I have ever seen. There’s a lot of quests that you just carry for days because they are barely impossible to do, and furthermore, there’s no chance to do them with friends, something I don’t understand because that makes friend matches useless and a waste of time since there’s no reward for that and there have been a lot of posts about that, no one likes that.

4th: The referal code is bad too, the rewards are a complete joke, I mean, a “Terryfing pack” for reach level 30…? I said it once and I’ll repeat it, there should be maximum 2 types of boosters, one payable with tears and the other one with coffe (even tho I think they should only be a 2000-3000 tears booster).

The game is so cool and fun, but it demands too much time, money and gives you almost no reward for it.

Hi Seb, after spending this much in the game, have you acquired all the common and uncommon phobies?
Are you still able to acquire new phobies from Tear packs?

You know what, yeah I actually just got Heavo 2.0 from a 3000 tear pack very recently, which brought me up to 99 Phobies. Its not often that I get anything from tear packs and I only ever get the 3000 one. But they do pop something new every so often.

My wife who also spent a fair amount of money on this game as well and has lots phobies (70 or so), recently got Gonzo Bonzo from the tear pack.

As for common/uncommon, I have them all yea.

At least its good to hear that you have all the commons/ uncommons in the game!
Yeah, thanks for letting us know that you can still get new Phobies from Tear packs. Otherwise once u have most of the commons/ uncommons, it might not be that worth the time/effort to grind out tears each day.

A side note: Its funny that I often see people asking the developers to bring in more phobies into the game, yet I have only a little over 1/4 of the entire collection! Hahah…

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