Idea for new phobie (pls give name)

I haven’t decided on a name yet.

This phobie’s special ability is to put an ally’s phobie inside. It has a single range

The phobie in the vase becomes invisible on the game screen, and there is no interaction in that state.
The vase continues the game normally with a phobie inside.

When the vase uses its ability again, the phobie inside is placed back next to the vase (with the same HP as immediately after entering the vase)

At this time, the phobie is not considered to have acted, so two movements are still possible.

If the vase dies with a phobie inside, the phobie appears where the vase was.

Simply put, the ability of a vase is to ‘deliver’ our ally phobie.

Additionally, with a phobie in the vase, it is not included in the maximum recallable phobie count. If the phobie count is at its maximum, it cannot be taken out of the vase.

Please choose a name. And thank you for watching.


Alexander (like iron fist Alexander form elden ring) + great idea and drawing, keep up the good work

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May I suggest the name, “Mr. Treasures” also on the back of the card it could say “I treasure my friendships”

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What about “Pandora”, since it’s an evil jar?