Some new ideas i had the other day

So i had an idea for a phobie,

Long story

So, the other day, I was watching Miss Cha and I mistakely thought that doom doom absorbed traps and made 2 of them in random areas (My first time seeing doom doom in action) then i thought about a phobie that can see, absorb, then randomly place 2 traps adjacent to him.

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O: another idea to design, wait a few days first

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alright bet
20 characters

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It’s similar to another phobie idea, but I don’t remember wich one

Chuck, from @L1ttleSamu

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Ta daaaaaaaaa

Sooooooo, what do you think

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what about a phobie that have the ability to protect other phobies? damage reduction or total shield?!!

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A shielding ability is basically just like a healing ability in my opinion, I don’t think that would be useful

thats the ability of the final phobie in the game so far. at 140 stress levels

Even if nobody has steel reached 140 of stress level

Excuse meh, gimme your opinion on my drawing idea please if you can

Someone has, you have to search it up

now I’m scared


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Hi everyone, im looking for Peopole to play with si please add me into thé game !

Do you know how to send friend request?

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Hello, you have to go into the Friends section where you go as well thé challenges, and Wright the name of the Friend that you wanna add, when his name appear just click on valid and wait for your Friend confirmation

Perfect, my username is Fedrarck

Really love the design! What would the animation be like? I was thinking maybe like sparky but with glitches?

Idk man use your imagination :sparkles::rainbow::sparkles: