Is daisy good?

I got daisy a long time ago but I have never seen anyone else use daisy and no tierlist I look at has them on there so I’m curious is daisy good?

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I don’t have it but I have fought against it, it’s not that good. All it takes to kill it is a phobie that deals 800+ damage, one-shot or two-shot, and a droney.

Daisy is really strong imo, she is a menace on small maps she has so much value for a 4 key, she does good damage at a range, and is hard to kill, you have to invest multiple phobies to deal with daisy she easily shuts down slow phobies and if she isn’t dealt with early she can be extremely annoying, a good counter is to build up enough burst damage then use a suprise 3 mover to kill her preferably droney, a smart daisy user is a force to be reckoned with! I wish i had her.

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Ps, Man in yellows tier list has daisy, She is strong on small maps and above average on big maps

I killed her easily multiple times. Like I said, all you need is a high damage phobie and a droney. This is a matter of opinion though.

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Yeah, i just said the best way to kill her is with high burst dmg and a 3 mover, i feel in the right hands she is strong, but all a matter of opinion.

I think most the time people have to sacrifice a couple keys to kill daisy most the time, and she normally gets a good trade so I think she’s good.