Is this a good phobie?

Is this a good phobie? I got if from the scary pack

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It can be but honestly idk

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Here are its stats. Tell me what you think

its good in small maps when your opponent is using many slow or melee Phobies.

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Yes very useful

(Ooga booga 20 characters)

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Its not abt the stats, ive discovered every phobie so i have no problem looking at its stats, its more abt that ive barely seen any blondies, so idk how good shed be, but id think shes pretty good now with her recent stat buffs

Been buffed a recently so it may be better than it was, kind of struggles from just being inferior to other options available, like even if you wanted to have specifically a tanky unit with a debuff, you can just run hydra and bad omen together, which costs the same amount, has more health and bad omens debuff doesnt take up hydras actions so you can move in faster and dont have to spend moves debuffing the enemy

The problem is…i dont have bad omen, i only have wooly bully as a debuffer (and blondie, of course)